If you sit for many hours a day, the following tips on good posture and good habits should help you keep your spine healthy:

  • Wedge yourself between your chair-back and your desk, this will force you to sit upright and not slouch.
  • Your entire back should rest against the back of the chair.
  • The chair must supply lumbar support. You may need a lumbar support cushion if your chair does not provide this.
  • The chair should be high enough so that with relaxed shoulders the forearms can rest on the desk. This will allow your shoulders not to tense up and cause shoulder and neck problems.
  • Ensure that both feet can touch the floor.

If you are looking to purchase a great office chair, I will be able to supply it for you. You can choose the type of chair as well as customise it as you please (certain features are at extra cost). See “Products” tab for further information on these products, as well as others related to proper sitting posture.