Solgar has been making nutritional supplements since 1947. I would be happy to guide you in your choice of supplements that support health in general and bone health specifically.

Omega 3

Necessary if you are not able to consume two to three fatty fish servings per week.
It has been shown to fight inflammation, premenstrual cramps, and have benefits for pregnancy, cardiovascular and brain health.

One study attributed an improvement in Crohns disease symptoms to the inflammation-inhibiting properties of fish oils. The study established that the laboratory tests for inflammatory processes had been significantly reduced in the fish oil group in comparison to the placebo group. Deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids is relevant to a variety of inflammatory conditions including arthritis, colitis, crohns etc.

Cardiovascular Health
Many studies have linked dietary intake of Omega 3 fatty acids to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. An American case-control study determined that people who consume monthly quantities of seafood containing a total of 5.5 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids (about one meal of fatty fish a week) have about 50% less chance of a primary cardiac arrest than those who do not take these fatty acids.

During pregnancy the mother must supply all of the babies needs for Omega 3 as the baby is unable to synthesise these essential fatty acids itself. An adequate intake of Omega 3 is particularly important during pregnancy and lactation as during pregnancy and infancy.

15-20% of the cerebral cortex and 30-60% of the retina is made up of a component of Omega 3 called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), so it is absolutely necessary for the development of the baby. There is some evidence that an insufficient intake of Omega 3 fatty acids may increase the risk of premature birth and an abnormally low birth weight.

Research suggests that Omega 3 fatty acids may be beneficial in menstrual cramping. In a high quality study among a group of girls suffering from dysmenorrhoea, it was found that the symptoms could be significantly reduced by dietary supplementation with Omega 3 fatty acids. This may be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3, along with the importance of essential fatty acids in sex hormone manufacture and the high probability of Omega 3 to Omega 6 imbalance.

Brain Health
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a component of Omega 3, comprises about 25% of the brain structure along with arachidonic acid, and low DHA levels have been correlated with changes in memory loss and visual and other neurological conditions.


Magnesium works synergistically with calcium to maintain a healthy skeleton, and prevent calcium deposition in soft tissues. It is essential for the proper relaxation of muscles and proper functioning of the nervous system. It also has positive effects on the cardiovascular and hormonal systems, as well as energy production and glucose metabolism.

Skeletal health and calcium regulation
Bone tissue contains about 60% of the magnesium in the body.
Magnesium helps regulate calcium within bones and teeth, it is needed for calcium to be bound to tooth enamel. Magnesium may also increase the activity of Vitamin D (which aids in calcium absorption). Although calcium is the best known for maintaining bone density, in recent years the focus on the role of magnesium in bone health has increased considerably. Some experts believe it is as important to skeletal health as calcium is. This is why you will find many supplementation manufacturers combining the two into one. In addition, research indicates that osteoporotic women have less bone magnesium.

Regulation of kidney stones and other soft tissue calcium deposition
Magnesium may also be useful in preventing abnormal calcium deposition in soft tissues such as the kidney. For example, in a study of 55 patients with recurrent kidney stones, less than 15% of the magnesium group formed new stones over a 2-4 year treatment period, compared to 59% in the control group. There was a also a 90% reduction in the rate of stone development in the magnesium group compared to the period prior to treatment. Magnesium is also important in preventing calcium deposition in the arteries, which will help decrease risk of plaque formation and heart disease.

Muscular Health
Like calcium, magnesium is important in the proper functioning of muscles. Magnesium is needed for the relaxation phase of muscle function, while calcium facilitates the contraction phase. Magnesium therefore may act as a muscle relaxant. For example, in a study on pregnant women suffering with muscle cramps, 90% were symptom free after one month of magnesium supplementation, as opposed to 33% in the control group.

Energy Production
Magnesium deficiency is a common feature in patients with fatigue related disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Magnesium supplementation is clinically proven to significantly improve fatigue symptoms (this research administered the mineral as intramuscular injections, however this does not rule out a potential value to oral supplementation).

Glucose metabolism
Magnesium is critical to the metabolism of carbohydrates, and is needed for the synthesis and secretion of insulin (which facilitates the cellular metabolism of glucose in the blood). More often than not, diabetics are deficient in magnesium. There is strong justification to magnesium supplementation in diabetics as it may improve glucose tolerance and prevent diabetic complications (cardiovascular disease, retinopathy, neuropathy) from occurring.

Cardiovascular health
Magnesium deficiency is a common feature in conditions such as arrhythmias, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease and mitral valve prolapse. In a 1990 study, survival rates in patients with congestive heart failure were compared at one and two years after diagnosis. Survival rates at one year were 37% lower in those with low magnesium levels than those with normal magnesium levels. Survival rates at two years were 32% lower.

Hormonal health
Research confirms that magnesium deficiency can severely impair hormone balance in women, and is undoubtedly a causal factor in many cases of premenstrual tension. Magnesium supplementation is dramatically effective in relieving numerous symptoms of premenstrual tension. For example, a 1984 study demonstrated that supplementation reduced premenstrual tension related breast irritation in 96% of the women, weight gain in 95% and nervous tension in 89%.

Additionally, magnesium’s effect on adrenal hormones is particularly significant. High magnesium levels are associated with a lower level of aldosterone, an adrenal hormone which causes sodium and fluid retention (linked to premenstrual weight gain and breast pain). Magnesium may also help regulate the activity of stress hormones that can deplete mood-elevating neurotransmitters in the brain, which is why some research has shown magnesium to reduce premenstrual mood swings.

Nerve health and function
A lack of dietary magnesium is associated with latent tetany, a condition manifesting in muscle spasms, twitches or tremors. Magnesium works in tandem with calcium to ensure proper nerve impulse transmission, partly due to it’s influence on neurotransmitters. Magnesium deficiency is also associated with lactic acid build up, leading to an imbalance in the ratio between lactic and pyruvic acid (a high lactate-to-pyruvate ratio is linked to anxiety-related disorder.

Magnesium is required for adrenal health and synthesis of adrenal stress hormones.

Pain relief
This is particular to pain-related disorders such as migraine, tension headaches and fibromyalgia. In the case of migraines, most of magnesium’s benefit appears to be linked to it’s role in vascular muscle function and nerve relaxation. Migraine sufferers typically have lower blood-magnesium levels than non-sufferers.

Vit D3

Immune system enhancer, stimulates calcium absorption, essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Bone health
Vitamin D is necessary for growth, development and maintenance of bones and teeth I children and adults. It works with calcium to control bone formation.

Osteoarthritis (wear-and-tear arthritis)
Arthritis occurs in part due to breakdown of cartilage in the joints. Vitamin D is also important for cartilage formation. Research suggests that inadequate intakes of vitamin D may be linked to an increased risk of arthritis. This is due to vitamin D’s role in preventing the breakdown of cartilage.

Parathyroid hormone balance
The parathyroid glands are four glands behind the thyroid which produce parathyroid hormone – responsible for regulating the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. This mechanism is dependent on vitamin D, and vitamin D supplements have been prescribed for parathyroid imbalances.

Multiple Sclerosis
Scientists have observed that MS rates are significantly lower in areas that receive a lot of sunlight and where people eat a lot of fish, which is rich in vitamin D. Recent research has discovered that women who had the highest vitamin D intakes from supplements were 40% less likely to develop multiple sclerosis than those who used no supplements.

Immune health
Vitamin D is a potent immune system modulator. There is considerable scientific evidence that vitamin D has a variety of effects on immune system function and may enhance immunity and inhibit the development of autoimmune diseases. There is also preliminary evidence that vitamin D deficiency may be linked to the incidence of influenza.

Solgar 7

This is a winner for joint support! Classically glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM have been the go-to products when it comes to joint health. Though the benefits of these substances are undeniable, two new and well researched ingredients have recently joined the joint health family of nutrients.

Solgar 7 Ingredients
These are 5-Loxin (inhibits specific inflammatory pathways in the body that lead to inflammation of the joints) and UC-II Undenatured Collagen (40mg of UC-II will function better than 1500mg of glucosamine and 1200mg of chondroitin). Seven well researched ingredients include:
1) 5-Loxin
2) UC-II Undenatured Collagen
3) Ester-C
4) Turmeric
5) White Willow Bark
6) Ginger
7) Pepper spice complex (with Bioperine)


A quality multivitamin if you want to supplement your diet with nutrients you feel you may not be getting enough of.

These are some of the main supplements concerned with good health, however we are able to order any of the Solgar range. Just let us know what you what you require.

In addition, if you have any questions or queries, or you would like to see research references, please do not hesitate to contact me (see “Contact Us” page).


GetOne® Chairs


Mid Back Chair
Reaching about shoulder height on the average person, the mid back provides excellent lumbar and thoracic support, improving and correcting body posture.

High Back Chair
With the added height, the high back provides extra head and neck support to users in a reclined position, for example when reading documents.

  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Can customise and add more features.
  • Fabric/bonded leather: Mid back or High back.
  • Genuine leather: Mid back or High back.
  • Netted: Mid back or High back.
  • Add chrome base.
  • Add rubber castors (for tiled or wooden floors).

Studio High Back Chairs


  • Studio High Back with metal chrome frame, gas lift, polyurethane covered armrest, swivel function, tilt tension and chrome base.
  • Available in black and white.
  • 1 year warranty.

Fit Chair


This innovative Fit-chair offers you numerous benefits of the popular balance-ball, just at your workspace. Its patent design helps reduce the stress of sitting while seated in this chair. If you remove the ball out of the chair frame, you can do stretching and strengthening exercises as you would with a normal exercise ball

  • Extra wide base with deep inset keeps ball stationary for performing exercises.
  • Ideal for performing any core exercise.
  • Only available in black.

Other Products

Groovi Nexerciser

This is a great product for the rehabilitation of your neck after a whiplash or sports injury to the neck (only once you have been assessed and treated for such). Also, for the athlete wanting to strengthen the neck for extra stability on the field of play, which will help reduce the chances of injury.
• Download the Groovi Nexerciser Exercise Sheet here

FlexiPac® Hot & Cold Compress

Can be frozen, or heated. Keep one in the freezer, and warm another so that you can apply cold and then heat after (this is called contrast therapy).

  • Non-toxic gel stays pliable throughout hot or cold therapy.
  • Reusable, reduces waste.
  • Used to reduce muscle spasms, joint stiffness, swelling of blood vessels, etc.
  • Compact and fits easily into your briefcase, gym bag, purse or back pack.
  • Microwavable to provide soothing heat therapy.
  • Store in freezer for penetrating cold therapy.

Lumbar Support Contour Cushion

Needing some support to your lower back while sitting at the office chair, or while watching a movie at the cinemas? Or even when driving? The Back Contour Cushion (lumbar cushion) eases lower back pain by keeping the spine in proper alignment.

  • Ideal for travel, home or office use.
  • Latex free.
  • Includes elastic strap to hold cushion in place.
  • Made of highly-resilient contoured foam.
  • Removable, machine-washable polyester/cotton cover.
  • Size: 360mm (W) x 320mm (L).

Mueller Back Brace with Removable Pad


  • Concentrated lumbar support, double layer design with adjustable compression for abdomen and lower back.
  • Additional stability from steel springs that conform to your back.
  • Internal moulded plastic component helps eliminate brace rolling or bunching.
  • One size: 71cm – 127cm (measure around the waist).

Mueller Adjustable Back Brace


  • Tapered cut provides custom fit with eight flexible steel springs conform for lumbar support.
  • Broad support from main 9″ elastic band.
  • Adjustable tension from 4″ elastic straps.
  • One size: 71cm -127cm (measure around the waist).

Complete Sleeprrr

Imported from Australia, The Complete Sleeprrr is a memory foam contour pillow that stands out from similar products as it is completely adjustable. It has a higher and lower side as well as removable inserts so that it can specifically tailored to suit your sleeping style and body shape.


Colostrum is nature’s first food. It is a fluid produced by all mammals in the first few days after giving birth, before breast milk is produced. Colostrum gives infants the essential vitamins and minerals needed to ensure healthy development and protect against infection.

Scientists have found bovine (cow) colostrum supports good health in humans from infancy all the way through to old age.

Bovine colostrum is known to support the health of our digestive system by nourishing the gut wall. A healthy gut wall means our bodies have a natural defence system giving us the resistance we need to fight off bugs and viral infections helping our bodies perform at their best.

However, not all colostrum products are the same. To ensure maximum benefit, it is vital that as much natural bioactive colostrum is delivered to our bodies as possible. New Image™ International’s exclusive Alpha Lipid™ technology coats colostrum particles, protecting the nutrients as they pass through our harsh stomach environment. The Alpha Lipid™ coating is both water and fat soluble, improving the spread and absorption of colostrum particles into our bodies.