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What is value-for-money?

It is a phrase used in reference to something that is well worth the money spent on it.

We’re all looking for value-for-money in the products and services we choose to invest in. So the next question to be answered is: what do I get at Back To Life Chiropractic?

Appointments are not “rush in, rush out.” One hour initial appointment, 30 minute follow ups. Guaranteed.
Not just symptom treatment, but getting to the root cause of the problem. Empowering the patient with advice.
Follow Up
Personal connection, staying in touch about your health.
Our appointment fees are within medical aid rates.
As a consumer of the service I provide, you are not forced to come back for follow ups. I advise, you decide.
Every effort to help you.
Your appointment with me is the most important thing for me on the day.

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

You need someone you can trust, someone who shows care and compassion, to help you find pain relief, wellness and good health.

I understand! I am here to help you invest in your health.

Meet Dr Hardus de Beer.

I decided to become a Chiropractor as I am passionate about people, and about affecting their lives positively on such a practical level. When I was exposed to Chiropractic for the first time, something about this profession resonated in me. I left my previous ideas about becoming an engineer in an instant, and applied to study Chiropractic. There were about 45 students in our first year class, who were hand selected through a vigorous process out of more than 600 applicants. I look forward to treating all ages, from infants to the wise in years, from all walks of life. I am a husband, a father, musician and a sports enthusiast.

I have been practicing in Ballito since January 2014. I joined Back To Life Chiropractic at that time as an associate to Dr. Guy Bower, who sold the practice to me in March 2015. Before that I practiced in Malvern as an associate in another practice. My graduation was in April 2013, and I started practicing in June of the same year. I have been treating patients since 2010, as part of the requirements for completing my degree includes much practical experience under quality clinical supervision. The Chiropractic education I received was a Masters’ Degree in Technology: Chiropractic. It is a six year course, packed with basic, medical and extensive Chiropractic science. I completed a research dissertation focusing on low back pain, which allowed me to attain my Masters’ degree, and be enrolled on the Chiropractors’ register. We start learning how to sense the bony anatomy of the body with our fingers in our second year, and we learn adjusting techniques from our third year, which results in specialized ability in the manual manipulative field.

My back pain story:

It’s uncanny, actually, that I suffer with low back pain. My dad has it too, I treat him for it (when I can go see him in Richmond). I experienced the worst episode of pain at the end of 2015 in Thailand, while on holiday with my wife. We had been sitting on the beach sand for about 25 minutes, waiting for the sunrise. We stood up to swim in the warm Phuket ocean at Patong Beach, I took one step and my back unexpectedly went into the biggest spasm of my life (I had no pain before this). I’d had some episodes of pain before this event, but this has been the worst thus far. In that instance, for a moment, I could hardly breathe. I fell to my knees, unable to support my weight due to the pain, and eventually was able to get onto my side in a relatively comfortable position. Any quick movements were impossible. Very slowly I began trying to fix myself with stretches. I felt slightly better after about 30 minutes, and from a kind tourist who had seen what was going on and ran to buy a bag of ice to help ease the pain. I tried to stand up, but to no avail. Same pain. I knew I didn’t slip a disc, as I tested for it. So I wasn’t in a panic.

But this was bad! We had to call an ambulance to stretcher me off the beach, to the hospital. Pain medication, and an hour of lying down was the only thing that could help me stand up eventually (albeit with the help of a wheelchair to hold on to). It was still sore, but what a feeling of freedom it was to be upright and mobile! For the first time in my life I appreciated the ability to walk. Every step felt like a gift. I have been going for more regular Chiropractic care since then compared to before our Thailand trip, and I am discovering more and more the true value of my profession first hand.

Take home message?

You can be guaranteed that you have a Doctor in me who knows what it feels like, who has been where you are. Believe me when I say, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to go through my experience. In fact, I have been able to help many who have literally hobbled into my rooms, and even those who have needed me to step outside to help them get to my rooms. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story. I count it a privilege to be considered as your Chiropractor. Thank you!

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